Cheyenne Dog Food Company

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Cheyenne Dog Food Company Was Looking for a Brand Refresh

Cheyenne Dog Food Company had an established brand that they felt had grown a little long in the tooth… and old dog that needed some new tricks. So we grabbed our bag of treats and got to work.

Cheyenne Dog Food Company brand
cheyenne dog food company old logo


cheyenne dog food company new logo


New Logo

We took their existing logo, well known in the community, and created an evolution of the logo that fits closer to the vision of owner, Jenessa. We pulled some elements in from the existing logo and created some exciting new ones.

Business Cards

If you’re gettin’ a new brand… you’re gettin’ new business cards, right? We incorporated elements of the shiny new brand for personal business cards and appointment cards for the grooming department. BRNR Creative also handled the printing of these cards… don’t worry, we won’t leave ya hanging when it comes to printing.

New Responsive Website

Cheyenne Dog Food Company was in need of a new modern, responsive website that showcased their new redesigned brand. The new website we designed and built features the new vibrant brand and looks great on any device.


Cooper and Monk… the official/unofficial company mascots needed their own stickers… mostly because who doesn’t want a cute dog and/or cat sticker for their vehicle, but also to appease their ever growing fan base.

In-Store Video Screens

Behind the counter at the store, CDFC needed a way to display information to their customers about dog bathing and grooming in a unique, engaging way… animated info screens was the solution. Here are two of the videos giving you all the info you’ll ever need about dog baths and grooming.

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