Fridays on the Plaza

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A New Brand for a Cheyenne Institution

The Fridays on the Plaza project was an enormous undertaking for BRNR Creative and one of our favorite projects of all time.When get to touch all aspects of the brand, from coming up with the initial concept of the design to writing the messaging and tagline and then building assets for videos, posters, t-shirts, stage graphics, a landing page website, digital ads and wrapping it all together in a brand standards… happy, happy, happy.

Fridays on the Plaza Brand
“We started working with Jason in 2020 on 3 major branding projects and a new website for our events division. The professionalism and partnership we have with BRNR Creative is unparalleled. Jason has been fantastic to collaborate with and has gone above and beyond to meet our needs. Being a public facing municipal entity has its fair share of unique challenges and with Jason’s impeccable eye for detail and ability to solve problems in a creative way, we now have an overarching brand that captures our roots, represents who we are and where we are headed with Cheyenne Presents. Jason was able to breathe new life into the brand of our Fridays on the Plaza summer concert series and managed to preserve its history all in the same design. We appreciate our partnership with BRNR Creative and highly recommend Jason for your marketing and design ventures.”
Teresa Moore

Community Recreation and Events, Director, City of Cheyenne

Animated Video

We created this exciting launch video to make a splash with the announcement of the return of Fridays on the Plaza after it’s 2020 pandemic related hiatus. Hype was the goal and hype is just what they got.


If you’re doing a summer music festival… you’re gonna need a poster. The poster was one of the center pieces of the brand, displaying just about all of the elements we created to give Fridays on the Plaza a modern, sophisticated brand.

Fridays on the Plaza Poster
Fridays on the Plaza T-Shirt Front
Fridays on the Plaza T-Shirt Back

Event T-Shirt

Music festivals need merch and this t-shirt fits the bill. One of the challenges of this project was to create a brand that could live on all kinds of mediums, from posters and videos to stickers and t-shirts and stage banners.

Photos Courtesy of Irving Mercado

Stage Graphics

Whenever you’re creating artwork on such a large scale, there are always challenges. But, we met them head on and came up with a design for the stage viewing experience seen by everyone that attended the shows this summer. We brought the brand to life on a larger than life scale.

Landing Page Website

The landing page website functioned as a digital presence for festival goers to see the line-up, the location, show times, and one more place to recognize all of the sponsors who make the music possible.

Although the website is no longer in service, you can see the brand elements on the Cheyenne Presents website.

Digital Ads

Google Display ads and Instagram Story ads were just some of the digital advertising we created for this summer-long festival.

Fridays on the Plaza Digital Ads

Brand Standards

In order to maintain the sophisticated brand we created, we designed a brand standards book to explain exactly how to use all of the elements of the brand to maintain consistency in the message of Fridays on the Plaza.

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