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New Responsive Website

Rooted In Cheyenne came to us with a website that had grown a little long in the tooth. The design needed a refresh and some of the core functionality wasn’t working exactly the way they need it to, along with wanting some important additions. Through an extensive discovery process we hammered out all of the changes and improvements that were needed and we set about making them happen.

Accommodate Core Functionality

One of the biggest challenges of the Rooted In Cheyenne website was accommodating a unique tree purchasing process that in many ways behaved just like a normal e-commerce experience except for one important distinction… at the very beginning after someone expressed interested in purchasing trees for their property, a pause in the process was required for an arborist to visit the location and verify the site could support new trees and just how many.

E-Commerce Platform

By utilizing some core WordPress plugins and creating a smidge of custom functionality, we were able to create a slick tree purchasing process for Cheyenne residents that allows them to take advantage of this incredible program that Rooted In Cheyenne spearheads.

Additional Functionality

In addition to the core e-commerce functionality for purchasing trees, we also created a merchandise store for t-shirts, hats and sweatshirts along with an event management system that allows attendees to RSVP for events as well as purchase tickets. Finally, the site displays all of the generous sponsors who provide the nourishment Rooted In Cheyenne needs to keep their programs growing and thriving.

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